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Parts Sheet ID Title Pertains to Model #'s
1010PM3 Collision Restraint Straps CRS, CRS-180, CRS-185
1020PM1 Quic-Swing SCBA Holders QSU, MQSU, QSD, MQSD
1020PM2 Quic-Slide Swing-Down SCBA Bracket QSSD-5, QSSD-6, QSSD-LB
1020PM3 QUIC-SWING Fip-Down 180 QS-FD-180-5, QS-FD-180-6, QS-FD-180-LB
1026PM1 EZ-LOC Mechanical SCBA Bracket with Fixed Top Clamp and Adjustable Footplate QM-EZL-F, QM-EZL-F-LR
1026PM2 EZ-LOC Mechanical SCBA Bracket with Fixed Top Clamp and Fixed Footplate QM-EZL-F-FF, QM-EZL-F-LR-FF
1026PM3 EZ-LOC Mechanical SCBA Bracket with Adjustable Top Clamp QM-EZL-A, QM-EZL-A-FF, QM-EZL-A-LR, QM-EZL-A-LR-FF
1026PM4 Center Pull Release in 911 Seat for EZ-LOC Mechanical Bracket QM-EZL-CPR
1026PM5 Center Pull Release in Bostrom 450 Tanker Seat for EZ-LOC Mechanical Bracket QM-EZL-CPR-TS
1026PM6 Center Pull Release in Bostrom 350 Tanker Seat for EZ-LOC Mechanical Bracket QM-EZL-CPR-TS
1026PM7 Center Pull Release in 911 Flip Seat for EZ-LOC Mechanical Bracket QM-EZL-CPR-F
1026PM8 EZ-LOC Adjustable Footplate Kit QM-AF-EZL
1026PM9 EZ-LOC Mechanical Bracket for Bostrom Seat Release QM-EZL-F-B
1027PM1 ROL-LOC Mechanical SCBA Bracket QM-ROLO-SA
1027PM2 Adjustable Footplate Kit for ROL-LOC Mechanical Bracket QM-AF-R
1027PM3 Center Pull Release in 911 Seat for the ROL-LOC Mechanical Bracket QM-ROLO-CPR
1027PM4 Center Pull Release in Bostrom 350/450 Tanker Seat for the ROL-LOC Mechanical Bracket QM-ROLO-CPR-TS
1027PM5 Center Pull Release in 911 Flip Seat for the ROL-LOC Mechanical Bracket QM-ROLO-CPR-F
1029PM1 Hands-Free Electric Locking SCBA Bracket QM-ELB
1029PM2 ELB Adjustable Footplate Kit
1029PM3 ELB Aluminum "Flat-Top" Cylinder Adapter Kit
1029PM4 Individual Electric Bracket Release Switch QM-ELB-RS
1030PM1 Quic-Flip SCBA Holder (Discontinued) QF-1, MQF-1
1035PM2 Quic-Index Multiple Bracket Holder MBH, MBH-S, MBH-SMB, MBH/1-SH. MBH/2-SH, MBH/3-SH
1040PM1 Dual Cylinder Air Bracket DACB
1045PM10 Center Pull Release in Bostrom 350/450 Tanker Series Seat for the Quic-Lock Mechanical Bracket QM-QLM-CPR-TS
1045PM11 Optional Pull Release for Quic-Lock Mechanical Bracket QLM-U-OR
1045PM12 Locator Bumper Spacer Kit for 5.5 Cylinders 1045-320-912
1045PM13 Center Pull Release in 911 Series Flip-Up Seat for the Quic-Lock Mechanical Bracket QM-QLM-CPR-F
1045PM6 Quic-Hold Mechanical SCBA Bracket MWAB-5, MWAB-6, MWAB-7, MWAB-5-D, MWAB-5-DE, MWAB-6-SC, MWAB-6-SC-50, MWAB-5-SP, MWAB-5-B, MWAB-D-SP, MWAB-5-D-B, MWAB-5-DE-SP, MWAB-5-DE-B, MWAB-6-SP, MWAB-6-B, MWAB-7-SP, MWAB-7-B
1045PM8 Quic-Lock Mechanical SCBA Bracket QLM-U, QLM-U-OPR, QLM-U-OR
1045PM9 Center Pull Release in Seats, Inc 911 Series Seat for the Quic-Lock Mechanical Bracket QM-QLM-CPR
1050PM1 WALKAWAY SCBA Bracket KD-_, SC-50-H-_, UN-_, N-5, H-5, N-6, H-6, N-7, H-7, NSF, NAF, TDS, PHS, CRS
1052PM1 WALKAWAY SCBA Bracket, Model SC-50 SC-50-H-_-SF
1090PM1 Quic-Storage Steel Air Cylinder Storage Rack ACSR, VACSR, ACSR-RS
1090PM3 Quic-Storage Plastic Air Cylinder Storage Rack PACSR, PACSR-RS
1090PM4 Plastic Air Cylinder and Extinguisher Cradles QS-PC-VS, QS-PC-TDS
2010PM1 Quic-Tote Hose Pack (Discontinued) QTC, GW, ZH-150, TCH, TCHN, TCHNW, QT-PB
2015PM1 Quic-Clamp Hydraulic Hose Clamp (Discontinued) 500-7, 500-A-MB
2030PM1 QUIC-DRAFT Low Level Strainers QD-500, QD-600
2030PM1A Quic-Draft Low Level 4.5" Strainers (Discontinued) QD-450, QD-500
2035PM1 Quic-Draft Floating Strainers FDS
2045PM1 Extruded Aluminum Hose Guards EAHB
2070PM1 Quic-Flow Dump Valves (Discontinued) QDV-10, QDV-10-UPF, QDV-HC. QDV-AHL, QDV-AA, QDV-MS, QDV-CPA/MS, QDV-CPA/LMS, QDV-AAMH, 2070-110-115, CACH-6, EACH-3-305, EACH-3-425
2075pm1 Vehicle Cooling Units VCU-36, VCU-36A, VCU-72
3015PM2 Quic-Seat Cushioned Back Rest (Discontinued) CBR-18, CBR-20
3020PM1 Double Fold-Down Seat Bracket SE-FD
3025PM3 Quic-Choc Folding Wheel Choc SAC-44-E, SQCH-44-H
3025PM4 Quic-Choc Wheel Chocs AC-1, AC-2, AC-32
3025PM5 Quic-Choc Safety Latch QCH-SL
3030PM1 Quic-Release Multiversal Bracket QR-MV
3030PM10 Quic-Release Oxygen Tank Systems - M through J QR-OTSR-U, QR-OTSL-U, QR-OTSR-US, QR-OTSL-US, 3030-155-105
3030PM11 Quic-Release Cylinder LIft QR-CL
3030PM12 Quic-Release QR-OTS-U Actuator Install & Adjustment QR-OTSR-U, QR-OTSL-U, QR-OTSR-US, QR-OTSL-US
3030PM13 Quic-Release Slide Assembly QR-SA
3030PM14 Quic-Release Strapless "D" Cylinder Bracket QR-D-2
3030PM15 Quic-Release Horizontal Strapless "D" Cylinder Bracket QR-D-2/H
3030PM16 Quic-Release Strapless "E" Cylinder Bracket QR-E-1
3030PM17 Quic-Release Slide Assembly with Hinge QR-SAFD
3030PM18 Quic-Release Horizontal Strapless  "E" Cylinder Bracket QR-E-1/H
3030PM19 Quic-Release Horizontal Cylinder Lift QR-CL-H
3030PM2 Quic-Release Fixed Oxygen Brackets QR-M, QR-M-2, QR-GH
3030PM20 Strapless "D" Cylinder Bracket for All-In-One Regulators (Discontinued) QR-D-3
3030PM21 Horizontal Strapless "D" Cylinder Bracket for All-In-One Regulators (Discontinued) QR-D-3/H
3030PM22 Strapless "E" Cylinder Bracket for All-in-One Regulators (Discontinued) QR-E-3
3030PM23 Horizontal Strapless Cylinder Bracket for All-in-One Regulators (Discontinued) QR-E-3/H
3030PM25 Quic-Release 5 lb. Fire Extinguisher Holders QR-FEH-1-A, QR-FEH-1-B, QR-FEH-1-K, QR-FEH-S
3030PM26 Slide Out Flip-Down Assembly SOFD-2
3030PM4 Quic-Release Oxygen Tank Systems - Original G & H Only (Discontinued) QR-OTS-__
3030PM5 Quic-Release Oxygen Tank System - M Only QR-OTS-M-__
3030PM5 QUIC-RELEASE Oxygen Tank System - M Only
3030PM6 Quic-Release Slide-Out, Flip-Down Slide Assembly (Discontinued) QR-SOFD
3030PM8 Quic-Release Oxygen Tank Systems - Original M, G, & H (Discontinued) QR-OTS-SP
3030PM9 Quic-Release Ratchet Strap Instructions 3030-135-138
3070PM1 Quic-Mount Nozzle Bracket Mount (Discontinued) NBM, NBM-1-TFT
3070PM2 Quic-Mount Nozzle Bracket Mount NBM-2
3070PM3 Quic-Mount Multiversal Nozzle Bracket MVNB-1
3082PM1 EZ-MOUNT Apparatus Installation Kit QM-45100
3082PM2 EZ-Mount Tool Boards QM-PB-20-28, QM-PB-24-28, QM-PB-23-30, QM-PB-23-56, QM-SPB-20-28, QM-SPB-23-28. QM-SPB-23-30, QM-SPB-23-56
3085PM10 SURE-GRIP TOOL AND EQUIPMENT MOUNTS with 2.75" Stand Off from Mounting Surface SG-VM-275, SG-VM-275-Y
3085PM11 Variable Mount Equipment Holders
3085PM12 SURE-GRIP Hook Tool Mounting Brackets SG-VM-ZHL, SG-VM-ZHR
3085PM2 SURE-GRIP Tool Mount - 3/4" to 2" Dia. SG-VM-1, SG-VM-1-Y
3085PM3 SURE-GRIP XL Tool Mounts - 2" to 4" Dia. SG-VM-XL, SG-VM-XL-Y, SG-VM-XLS, SG-VM-XLS-Y
3085PM5 Quic-Mount™ Variable Strut Mounts - 3" Round VM-3RS-D, VM-3RS-Q
3085PM6 Adjustable Sure Grip -SG-VM-A-1625, -SG-VM-A-LS, -SG-VM-A-LSC
3085pm7 Forcible Entry Door Breaching Kit FE-DB-1, FE-DB-MK
3085PM8 SG-VM-XL-TTC - Heavy Rescue Tool Mount, Cutter Kit; SG-VM-XL-TTS - Heavy Rescue Tool Mount, Spreader/Combi Kit
3085PM9 SG-VM-A-TTS – Adjustable Sure-Grip Tool Spreader Kit with UMVS-1625-11 Strap, SG-VM-A-TTC – Adjustable Sure-Grip Tool Cutter Kit with UMVS-1625-11 Strap SG-VM-A-TTS, SG-VM-A-TTC
3087PM10 Quic-Mount Portable Scene Light Bracket QM-SLB-1
3087PM11 Quic-Mount Adjustable Chainsaw Holder QM-ACSM-1
3087PM12 Quic-Mount Saw Blade Post Mount QM-SBPM
3087PM13 Quic-Mount Variable Container Mount QM-VCM
3087PM14 Quic-Mount Spare Chain Holder QM-SCH
3087PM15 Quic-Mount Saw Blade Shelf Bracket QM-SBS
3087PM16 Quic-Mount Saw Blade Holder QM-SBH, QM-SBH-AS
3087PM17 QUIC-MOUNT Universal Deck Mount QM-UVDM-1
3087PM18 Premixed Rectangular Quart & Half Gallon Holders QM-PMH-RQHG
3087PM19 Cord & Adapter Holder QM-CADH
3087PM2 Quic-Mount Chain Saw & Safety Can Mounts QM-CSM-L, QM-CSM-S, QM-RGC-9, QM-RCH-2.5, QM-OSC-1, QM-JC-5, QM-RGC-13
3087PM20 QUIC-MOUNT Stackable Scene Light Bracket QM-SLB-2
3087PM21 Saw Blade Post Mount - 1/2" Diameter Post QM-SBPM-1
3087PM22 Corrosion-Resistant Saw Blade Post Mount - 1/2" Diameter Post QM-SBPM-2
3087PM23 Single Premix Holder QM-PMHP-S
3087PM24 Double Premix Holder QM-PMHP-D
3087PM25 Gallon Premix Holder QM-PMHP-G
3087PM3 Quic-Mount Reciprocating Saw Holder QM-RSH
3087PM4 Quic-Mount Electric Cord Holder QM-ECH-1
3087PM5 Quic-Mount Single Premix/Bar Container Holders QM-PMH-1, QM-PMH-1-B
3087PM6 Quic-Mount Spray Can Holders QM-PMH-2, QM-PMH-2-B
3087PM7 Quic-Mount Premixed Gallon Holders QM-PMH-G, QM-PMH-G-B
3087PM8 Quic-Mount Double Premix Holders QM-PMH-D, QM-PMH-D-B
3087PM9 Quic-Mount Can & Bar Holder (Discontinued, see 3087PM8) QM-PMH-CB
3090PM1 Quic-Mount Folding Ladder Brackets FLBA, FLB
3090PM2 Hydraulic Hard Sleeve System HA-HS-__
3090PM3 Quic-Mount Hard Suction Mounts HSM-U, HSM-U-ST, HSS-ST
3090PM4 Hard Suction Mount Kits HHS-TM-1, HHS-TM-2, HHS-TM-1-ST, HHS-TM-2-ST, HHS-TMV-2, HHS-TMV-2-ST
3092PM1 Outside Arm Ladder System OALS
3092PM1-PRE AUGUST 2018 Outside Arm Ladder System - Original Speed (Discontinued) OALS
3093PM1 Hard Sleeve Gantry System HSG-1-_-10
3094PM1 Quic-Step Retractable Vehicle Step - 10.5" Drop VS-24-11
3094PM10 Quic-Step Indicator Light Switch Kit VS-ILK
3094PM11 QUIC-STEP Retractable Vehicle Step Spring Upgrade Kit VS-24-SK
3094PM1i Quic-Step Retractable Vehicle Step - 10.5" Drop with inPower Motor Controller VS-24-11
3094PM1ii Quic-Step Retractable Vehicle Step - 10.5" Drop with Plug-In inPower Module VS-24-11
3094PM2 Quic-Step Horizontal Vehicle Step HVS-1
3094PM3 Quic-Step Manual Vehicle Step MPOS
3094PM4 Quic-Step Retractable Vehicle Step - 7.625" Drop VS-24-9
3094PM4i Quic-Step Retractable Vehicle Step - 7.625" Drop with inPower Motor Controller VS-24-9
3094PM4ii Quic-Step Retractable Vehicle Step - 7.625" Drop with Plug-In inPower Module VS-24-9
3094PM5 Quic-Step Manual Pull-Out Step PS-8-5
3094PM6 Quic-Step Retractable Vehicle Step - 6" Drop (Discontinued) VS-20-5
3094PM6i Quic-Step Retractable Vehicle Step - 6" Drop with inPower Motor Controller (Discontinued) VS-20-5
3094PM7 Quic-Step Fixed Vehicle Step FVS-20
3094PM8 Quic-Step Retractable Vehicle Step - 6" Drop Actuator Installation and Adjustment Manual (Discontinued) VS-20-5
3094PM9 InPOWER Control Module Upgrade Manual VS-24-11, VS-24-9
3095PM1 Quic-Mount Sledge Hammer Bracket SHB
3095PM10 Quic-Mount Vertical Extrication Tool Holder QM-ET-V
3095PM11 Quic-Mount Extrication Tool Holder for Battery-Powered Cutter QM-ET-MVE
3095PM12 Double Extrication Tool Holder QM-ETD-1
3095PM13 Single Extrication Tool Holder QM-ETS-1
3095PM14 Quic-Mount Ram Bracket QM-RB-1
3095PM15 Z-Shlammer Holder QM-ZSH
3095PM16 Multiple Extrication Tool Holder QM-MEH-1, QM-MEH-1-R, QM-MEH-2-R, QM-MEH
3095PM16 - PRE JANUARY 2020 Multiple Extrication Tool Holder - Original Tee Handle Lock (Discontinued) QM-MEH-1, QM-MEH-1-R, QM-MEH-2-R, QM-MEH
3095PM17 Axe Head and Handle Brackets H-AB, VM-AHB
3095PM18 Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts QM-ET-TTS, QM-ET-TTC, SG-VM-XL-TTS, SG-VM-XL-TTC, SG-VM-A-TTS, SG-VM-A-TTC
3095PM19 Multi-Position Ladder Mounting Set LMS
3095PM2 Quic-Mount Bolt Cutter Brackets BCB, BCB-L
3095PM3 Quic-Mount Cordless Drill Holder Bracket QM-CDH
3095PM4 Quic-Mount Fixed Extrication Tool Holders QM-ET-J, QM--ET-C
3095PM5 Axe Holder Bracket - Vertical Stainless Steel AHB
3095PM6 Quic-Mount Horizontal Extrication Tool Holder QM-ET-H
3095PM7 Quic-Mount Horizontal Extrication Tool Holder with strap QM-ET-H2
3095PM8 Quic-Mount Multiversal Extrication Tool Holder QM-ET-MV
3095PM9 Quic-Mount Horizontal Extrication Tool Holder for Wrap-Around Handlegrips QM-ET-H3
3096PM1 Quic-Swing Out & Down Vehicle Ladders RL-__-__, RL12-_-_, RL15-_-_
3096PM2 Vehicle Ladder Light Assembly for Swing-Out and Down Vehicle Ladders RL-LED, ZQL-LED
3096PM3 Rescue Ladder Indicator Switch RL-IS
3097PM1 Quic-Lift Ladder Access Systems - Electric, Quic-Lift Hard Sleeve Systems - Electric LAS-__, LAS-BHM-__, HSS-CWT-210
3097PM13 Quic-Lift Ladder Guard Kit LAS-LGK
3097PM14 Quic-Lift Horizontal Ladder System Optional Stop HLAS-OS
3097PM15 Quic-Lift Ladder Access System - Original Hydraulic (Discontinued) LAS-HA-EL-__, LAS-HA-ML-__
3097PM16 Hard Sleeve tray mounting kit with single hard sleeve tray/single split hard sleeve tray HSS-ST, HSM-U-ST
3097PM17 LAS Actuator Install & Adjustment LAS, HLAS
3097PM17 Ladder Access System (LAS) Actuator Installation and Adjustment LAS-_, HSS-200, HSS-CWT
3097PM18 Quic-Lift Ladder Access System - Extend Down & Hard Sleeve System - Extend Down LAS-XT, LAS-XT-775, LAS-XT-975, LAS-XT-1200, HSS-XT-2
3097PM19 Quic-Lift Ladder Access System - Hydraulic, Quic-Lift Hard Sleeve System - Hydraulic LAS-HA2
3097PM20 Quic-Lift Horizontal Hard Sleeve System HHSS-3
3097PM21 HLAS/HPTS Hydraulic Power Unit Replacement HLAS, HPTS
3097PM22 HLAS/HPTS Hydraulic Power Unit & Hydraulic Cylinder Upgrade HLAS, HPTS
3097PM23 Hard Sleeve Kit for 1 or 2 Hard Sleeves HLAS-HS-1KIT, HLAS-HS-2KIT
3097PM24 Quick-Lift System-Switch Panel QLS-SP
3097PM6 Quic-Lift Horizontal Ladder & Portable Tank Access Systems HLAS, HLAS-___, HPTS
3097PM6-PRE APRIL 2014 Quic-Lift Horizontal Ladder and Portable Tank Systems - 300 lb. max load (Discontinued) HLAS, HPTS
3097PM7 Quic-Lift Ladder Access Systems - Manual Locking System LLAS-MLS, LLAs-BHM-MLS
3097PM8 Quic-Lift Ladder Access Systems - Electric Locking System LLAS-ELS, LLAs-BHM-ELS
3098PM1 Quic-Lift Portable Tank System - Electric (Discontinued) PTS-__-__
3098PM5 QUIC-LIFT Portable Tank System - Hydraulic PTS-HA
3098PM6 QUIC-Lift Hydraulic Portable Tank System PTS-HA-24
3099PM1 Quic-Strap Cylinder System CYBM-___-___, CYBS-___-___
3099PM2 Quic-Strap 1" Variable Straps UMVS-1-10, UMVS-1-14, UMVS-1-18, UMVS-1-22, UMVS-1-26
4060PM1 Z-Combo Grip Z-CG-1
5005PM1 Quic-Access SCBA Cabinets - Steel (Discontinued) WC-1, WC-1-LL, WC-1-LW, WC-1-LL-LW
5005PM2 Quic-Access SCBA Cabinets- Plastic MMWC-1, MMWC-2, CMB
5005PM3 Quic-Access ESCBA Cabinets (Discontinued) ESCBA-1, ESCBA-SS, ESCBA-1-LSS
5005PM4 Quic-Access Fire Extinguisher Cabinet (Discontinued) FECR
5005PM5 Helmet Holders UHH-1, UHH-1-C, UHH-2, UHH-2-C
5005PM6 Personal Gear/Helmet Pouch (Discontinued) PGP-1
5005PM7 Horizontal Helmet Pouch (Discontinued) PGP-2
Electric Bracket Adjustment Chart SCBA Adjustment Chart for QM-ELB Electric Bracket QM-ELB
EMS Equipment & Accessories Catalog Zico EMS Equipment & Accessories Catalog Various
Extrication Tool Holder Fit Chart Extrication Tool Holder Recommendations QM-ET-J, QM-ET-C, QM-ET-H, QM-ET-H2, QM-ET-MV, QM-ET-H3
EZ-LOC Adjustment Chart SCBA Adjustment Chart for EZ-LOC Fixed Top Clamp Brackets QM-EZL-F
HSG-2 3093PM3 Manual Double Hard Sleeve Gantry HSG-2-O-10, HSG-2-D-10
RL Ladder Order Form RL Ladder Order Form