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Hydraulic Portable Tank System (PTS)



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  • Description

    Our popular Portable Tank System upgraded with the added strength and reliability of self-contained hydraulic actuators. These hydraulic actuators create a stronger, more rigid system, allowing for the direct mounting of a hard cover (not included) and a single hard sleeve (sold separately) to the tank box without the need for additional hardware or adapter kits.



    – Stores portable tank over the side compartments of an apparatus and, at the flip of a switch, lowers to a convenient height for safe and easy retrieval.

    – Tank boxes are adjustable and secure virtually all popular makes and models of portable tank. Identify your tank when placing your order and we will configure the boxes for you before shipping.

    – Self-contained 12V hydraulic actuators provide a more even, parallel operating motion.

    – NFPA compliant—flashing light kit provides a visual alert when system is out of the stored position. An optional Audio/Visual Alarm is also available (see Model AVA).



    – Tank box will accommodate portable tanks up to 36″ H x 9″ W when collapsed.

    – Requires 12V, 80A electrical source

    – Designed for use on shelves with a minimum depth of 8-1/2″.

    – Requires mounting surface equal to length of collapsed tank plus 21″ (10-1/2″ per casting).

    – Sustains maximum load of 500 lb.


    A Center Hinge Kit provides additional support for tank covers, see Model PTS-HA-CH.

    An adapter plate is available for mounting beside elliptical tanks, see Model PTS-HA-ETA.

    To mount a single hard sleeve to the top of the unit, see Model HHS-TM-1.

    Note: The PTS-HA is not a direct, bolt-on replacement for the older, discontinued electric models. The mounting hole pattern and wiring is different. If upgrading, please plan accordingly.

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