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QUIC-Lift System-Switch Panel

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  • Description

    The QUIC-Lift System-Switch Panel is to be used, as an option, for various QUIC-Lift systems that are not supplied with a switch panel.

    – Used as an option for models (1 per model): LAS, LAS-BHM, LAS-XT, LAS-HA, HSS, HSS-XT, PTS-HA, QR-OTS-_-U.

    – Do NOT use on LAS with Electric Lock systems LLAS-ELS, LLAS-BHM. LLAS-XT-ELS

    – Do NOT use on the following. These models have dedicated switch panels: HLAS/HPTS and OALS

    – This panel comes complete with water proof switches, rubber boots for both on/off and momentary switches.

    – It also includes an easy to see green LED signal light that identifies the system as powered and ready to operate.

    – A water proof label clearly identifies the panel as a Zico powered rack switch panel.


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