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Outside Arm Ladder System (OALS)



  • Description

    **New & Improved—Now Raises and Lowers Faster than Ever Before!**

    The Outside Arm Ladder System (OALS) stores the ladders horizontally over the top of the apparatus, allowing for more compartment storage on the sides. When needed, the OALS system lowers the ladders at the flick of a switch to a convenient height for safe & easy retrieval.

    – Hydraulically-powered ladder rack
    – Dual 8″ stroke hydraulic cylinders
    – Mounts on ends walls of apparatus cabinetry, allowing for extra storage space
    – Heavy-duty 2″ x 4″ booms connect hydraulic cylinders to ladder rack
    – Hydraulic power unit set at 1500 PSI up and 2500 PSI down
    – Payload varies with boom length
    – Pneumatic power clamps lock booms in place when stored
    – Racks custom made to your requirements
    – Mount ladders OR hard sleeves OR portable tank to your rack
    – Rack also supports mounting of pike poles and folding ladders
    – Meets NFPA Standard
    – Control & Electrical panels are provided with unit

    Maximum Load: 300 lb.

    Systems Available:

    Model OALS: Basic System – Less Rack

    Model OALS-775: Complete System with 7-3/4″ Ladder Combination

    Model OALS-975: Complete System with 9-3/4″ Ladder Combination

    Model OALS-1200: Complete System with 12″ Ladder Combination