Hydraulic Hard Sleeve System - Four 6" Hard Sleeves
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Hydraulic Hard Sleeve System (HA-HS)


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  • Description

    Quickly retrieve p to four hard sleeves from over the side compartments.

    Hydraulic actuators provide a more even, parallel operating motion while lowering sleeves to a convenient height for safe and easy retrieval.

    Depending on desired box size, the HA-HS can accommodate two to four, 5″ or 6″ hard sleeves. Add a fifth to the top of the unit with the Horizontal Hard Suction Mount, Model HHS-TM-1.

    Available for new and existing apparatus.


    Systems Available:

    Model HA-HS-6-4: Stores four 6″ hard sleeves

    Model HA-HS-6-3: Stores three 6″ hard sleeves

    Model HA-HS-6-2: Stores two 6″ hard sleeves


    Model HA-HS-5-4: Stores four 5″ hard sleeves

    Model HA-HS-5-3: Stores three 5″ hard sleeves

    Model HA-HS-5-2: Stores two 5″ hard sleeves

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