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Ladder Access System – Extend Down


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  • Description

    Combines the popular, time-tested LAS design with a new, patented cable and pulley system capable of raising and lowering ladders an amazing 43 inches for quick, safe, and easy retrieval. 12 inches more than our standard systems.

    A great choice for apparatus with high shelves or departments with shorter personnel.



    – Lowers ladders 43 inches from the stored position (10 more than our standard model) to a convenient height for safe & easy retrieval, reducing risk of strains and other common injuries.

    – Powered by two self-contained 12V hydraulic actuators with a maximum load of 300 lb. Hydraulic actuators provide a more parallel, even raising & lowering motion.

    – Ladders remain close to the apparatus when lowered for better operation in tight spaces.

    – Castings are solid, heavy-duty yet lightweight powder-coated cast aluminum. Can be mounted to a horizontal and/or vertical surface.

    – A spring-loaded handle helps keeps ladders firmly secured to the unit.

    – NFPA compliant. A Flashing Light Kit provides a visual signal when the system is out of the stored position. An optional Audio/Visual Alarm is also available (see Model AVA).


    An optional locking system is recommended when consistently dealing with rough terrain, such as railroad tracks, or when mounting a hard sleeve to the unit. See Models LLAS-MLS and LLAS-ELS.

    To mount a hard sleeve to the unit, order one Model LAS-FLB, one Model HSS-TMC, one Model HSS-SAT-10, and one Model HSS-TMH.

    To lower pike poles, folding ladders, a hard sleeve, and other accessories with your ladders, order the Model LAS-XT-AB Accessory Bracket.

    Note: In some cases, 1-1/2″ spacers will be required for proper mounting, see Model 3097-250-000.


    Systems Available:

    Model LAS-XT: Basic Unit

    Model LAS-XT-775: Complete Unit with 7-3/4″ Ladder Support

    Model LAS-XT-975: Complete Unit with 9-3/4″ Ladder Support

    Model LAS-XT-1200: Complete Unit with 12″ Ladder Support


    Ordering Your LAS-XT System:

    When ordering, please be prepared with the following information:

    1.) Manufacturer of ladders to be mounted

    2.) Model numbers of ladders to be mounted

    3.) Length of each ladder

    4.) Fire department name, city, and state (for unit registration)

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