HSS-CWT-210 Down
HSS-CWT-210 Down Hard Sleeve System - Less Trays Hard Sleeve System - Less Trays

Electric Hard Sleeve System – Less Trays



  • Description

    The QUIC-LIFT Hard Sleeve System lowers two (or more) hard sleeves for safe & easy retrieval. Made of high strength light-weight cast aluminum. Powered by two durable high cycle electric actuators (12 V), with a maximum load of 300 lbs. High strength straps with hook and loop closures hold hard sleeves securely in place.

    Can be installed on new & existing apparatus. Flashing light kit provided to produce a visual signal when the system is out of the stored position.

    Mounting brackets may be attached to castings for storage of additional hard sleeve, folding ladders, or pike poles.

    An additional hard sleeve may be added above the hard sleeves mounted to the unit. To accomplish this, order one set LAS-FLB, one set HSS-TMC, one HSS-SAT-10, and one set HSS-TMH.