HSS-CWT-210 Down
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Hard Sleeve System – Standard Hydraulic



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  • Description

    Lower two hard sleeves to a convenient height for safe and easy retrieval—no straining or climbing required.

    Constructed with rugged cast aluminum. Hard sleeves rest in 1/8″ thick aluminum trays. High-strength hook & loop straps secure sleeves firmly in place.

    Uses self-contained hydraulic actuators for a more parallel operating motion and 300 lb. maximum load.

    An optional third hard sleeve can be added to the top of the unit. To do so, order one LAS-FLB, one HSS-TMC, one HSS-SAT-10, and one HSS-TMH.

    Mounting brackets may be attached to system for storage folding ladders, pike poles, and other tools. To do so, order Model LAS-FLB/PPMB in addition to the desired tool brackets.

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