6" Suction Strainer - NST Female Coupling 6" Suction Strainer - NST Female Coupling

Suction Strainer – NST Female Coupling



  • Description

    Out performs all others!

    The QD-500 is capable of flows in excess of 1900 GPM and the QD-600 over 2300 GPM.

    Our suction strainers permit full use of available water sources down to 1-1/2″. Suction is unaffected by surface turbulence and a built-in screen keeps debris outside of the unit—meaning you never have to shut down a line and disconnect a hose to clean the screen.

    The coupling can be adjusted and locked through a 90-degree arc to prevent bending of the hose, allowing the strainer to always sit flat at the bottom of the tank.

    Constructed of high-tensile strength aluminum with a convenient carrying handle and a long-handled anodized aluminum coupling to help you get water flowing in a hurry.


    Sizes Available:

    5″ NST female: Model QD-500-NST

    6″ NST female: Model QD-600-NST (22″ x 16″ x 14″)