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Horizontal Hard Sleeve System (HHSS)



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  • Description

    Store up to three hard sleeves over the top of the apparatus, freeing up more room for compartment storage in the side body below.

    At the flip of a switch the system lowers the sleeves to a convenient height for safe and easy retrieval. Boom lowers sleeves away from the side body, so that access to side compartments remains unrestricted.

    Powered by a beefy, self-contained hydraulic piston with a maximum load of 500 lb.

    NFPA compliant with built-in safety latch and flashing light kit that provides a visual signal when system is out of the stored position.

    For mounting of an additional hard sleeve, see Model HLAS-HS-1KIT. For two sleeves, Model HLAS-HS-2KIT

    For mounting of pike poles, folding ladders, and other tools, see Model HLAS-FLB-VM

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