Variable Mount Equipment Holders

  • Description


    -Tightly secure two or four large tools or pieces of equipment against a vertical surface with these heavy-duty brackets

    -Ideal for round or square struts, jacks, large hand tools, and other 2″-4″ wide equipment

    – Beefy, 2″ wide nylon straps provide more surface area for an extraordinarily powerful grip

    – SURE-GRIP technology allows for more leverage when securing for a stronger, tighter hold

    – Includes Unistrut channel for quick and easy mounting



    – Brackets are durable, powder-coated cast aluminum

    – Straps are all-weather, UV-resistant nylon with hook & loop pads


    Models Available:

    Double Bracket: Model VM-EH-D

    Quadruple Bracket: Model VM-EH-Q