MBH MBH MB -Rotate

Multiple Bracket Holder



  • Description

    For use when apparatus compartments are deep and space is at a premium. The QUIC-INDEX Multiple Bracket Holder holds up to four SCBAs or spare cylinders securely in separate WALKAWAY brackets (sold separately.)

    As each SCBA or cylinder is removed from its bracket, the next is easily obtained by simply rotating the holder like a carousel or “Lazy Susan.” The holder automatically stops and locks in the front position to present the next SCBA or cylinder for convenient removal.

    Basic unit, less brackets, measures 10″W x 10″ D x 25-1/2″ H. To calculate the width requirement, measure depth of complete SCBA or cylinder to be mounted, double measurement (one unit per side), and add 6″. To calculate height required, add 1-1/2″ to length of air cylinder or complete SCBA.