QR-D-2 Angled
QR-D-2 Angled QR-D-2 Latch QR-D-2 Profile QR-D-2 Steel

Strapless “D” Cylinder Bracket


  • Description

    – No straps, no hassles
    – Fast, simple, and self-locking – because every second counts
    – Secures standard, jumbo, and steel “D” gas cylinders
    – Accommodates most regulators
    – Backspring ensures snug fit and virtually no rattling
    – Durable stainless steel construction
    – Easier to clean and disinfect – no fabric to harbor bloodborne pathogens
    – Mounts solo or side by side
    – Dimensions make it easy to retrofit

    Complies with SAE-J3043, AMD Standard 003 for oxygen tank retention systems, and GSA KKK specification when used as recommended. Complies with OSHA and insurance safety regulations.

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