QM-ELB In Seat Parking Break

Hands-Free Electric Bracket



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  • Description

    A hands-free, electric alternative to inertia-based brackets.



    – Ties into an apparatus’ electrical system and unlocks the air pack upon activation of the parking brake or any other 12V switched source.

    – Donning the SCBA is fast and easy. Simply slip into the harness and once released, lean forward and stand up. To secure the cylinder, just push it into the unlocked top clamp—no pull releases, straps, levers, or other devices required.

    – Footplate Guide makes stowing the air pack an easy, no-look process.

    – Adjustment knob allows for on-the-fly tweaks to the footplate height to accommodate for small variations in individual cylinders.

    – Easy to retrofit. Fits most seats with only minor adjustments.

    – Third-party tested to exceed the NFPA 11G standard.

    – Equipped with a manual emergency release in case of electrical system failure.


    An optional Individual Release Switch provides additional flexibility for firefighters, allowing the Electric Bracket to be released individually at the push of a button. See Model QM-ELB-RS.


    Using a 30 min. 5500 PSI cylinder? Order Locator Bumper Spacer Kit, Model 1045-320-912.