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Corrosion-Resistant Saw Blade Post Mount – 1/2″ Dia.


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  • Description

    This “Corrosion-Resistant” variant is the ideal choice when mounting to stainless steel and other surfaces where dissimilar metals could potentially cause issues.



    – Store your circular saw blades up and out of the way, secured tightly against the compartment wall—an efficient use of otherwise unused compartment space.

    – Designed and tested using blades with .5″ to 1″ diameter arbor holes

    – Saw blades are held firmly in place with a large, easy-to-operate threaded knob



    – Base is impact-resistant black plastic

    – Knob is durable rubber

    – Rod is stainless steel


    For a more economical aluminum base, see Model QM-SBPM-1

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