CYBS-_ CYBS Diagram

Cylinder Mounting System – Base Strap Only



  • Description

    A cost effective way to secure fire extinguishers, water cans, medical oxygen, SCBA and SCUBA, water coolers, flare containers and other cylindrical equipment.

    Used in conjunction with a Aluminum Base Mount Extrusion, Model ABM-1, to make a complete system.

    For complete systems, see Models CYBM-.



    – 2″ wide heavy-duty, all-weather nylon construction.

    – A hook and loop closure system that provides extraordinary holding power.

    – Strap doubles back on itself through the “D” ring to double that holding power.

    – Neoprene pad on strap for maximum grip.

    – Great for use on land, sea, and air.

    – More cost effective than conventional mounting systems.


    Sizes Available:

    Model CYBS-1213-40-11:

    4″ cylinder diameter, 12-13″ circumference range.

    Suggested uses: “B”, “D”, & “E” gas cylinders, Amerex 2-1/2# Halon, Amerex 2-1/2# Dry Chem.

    Model CYBS-1315-45-11:

    4-1/2″ cylinder diameter, 13-15″ circumference range.

    Suggested uses: Amerex 5#, Nitrous oxide cylinder 2#

    Model CYBS-1516-50-11:

    5″ cylinder diameter, 15-16″ circumference range.

    Suggested uses: 5″ 30-40 cu. ft. SCUBA, Amerex 5# Halon

    Model CYBS-1618-55-11:

    5-1/2″ cylinder diameter, 16-18″ circumference range.

    Suggested uses: 4500 PSI 30 min. SCBA, Nitrous oxide cylinder 5#

    Model CYBS-1820-60-11:

    6″ cylinder diameter, 18-20″ circumference range.

    Suggested uses: Amerex 5# Dry Chem, 1/2 gal. Igloo cooler, Nitrous oxide cylinder 10#

    Model CYBS-2123-70-11:

    7″ cylinder diameter, 21-23″ circumference range.

    Suggested uses: 2216 PSI 30 min. SCBA cylinder, 4500 PSI 45 min. SCBA, 4500 PSI 60 min. SCBA, Standard 45-100 cu. ft. SCUBA, “M” gas cylinders, Amerex 10# Dry Chem, Amerex 2-1/2 gal. pressurized water

    Model CYBS-2426-80-11:

    8″ cylinder diameter, 24-26″ circumference range.

    Suggested uses: Super 80-100 cu. ft. SCUBA, 6-3/4″ & 7″ SCBA/backpacks & regs, 1 gal. Gott cooler, Ansul 20# Dry Chem, Stop Fire 20# CO2.

    Model CYBS-2627-85-11:

    8-1/2″ cylinder diameter, 26-27″ circumference range.

    Suggested uses: Nitrous oxide cylinder 15 & 20#

    Model CYBS-2729-90-11:

    9″ cylinder diameter, 27-29″ circumference range.

    Suggested uses: “G” & “H” gas cylinders, Amerex 9 & 13# Halon, 1 gal. Igloo cooler