Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts


Model: QM-ET-TTS, QM-ET-TTC, SG-VM-XL-TTS, SG-VM-XL-TTC, SG-VM-A-TTS, SG-VM-A-TTC Categories: , , , ,
  • Description

    Keep your tools mounted safely with Ziamatic’s Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts. These brackets are designed to store most extrication tools available to fire departments today. Ziamatic’s new Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts are most effective when combined with one of our brackets from our Sure-Grip product line. The Heavy Rescue Tool Mounts have been rigorously tested by receiving free falling weight drops of 60 pounds, over 100 times in a row to assure they will withstand the day to day use of firefighting.


    – High Density Polyethylene
    – Non-corrosive, chemical resistant
    – Designed to fit most brands of hydraulic and battery operated tools.
    – Can be flush-mounted or spaced from mounting surface to provide clearance for battery.
    – Tested with a maximum 5″ spacing using 3/8″ fasteners (not included).

    Easy to use: 

    – Simply place the jaws into the mount.
    – Secure the handle as desired.
    – We suggest using our SURE-GRIP mounts, models SG-VM-A, XL or XLS.


    QM-ET-TTS – Tool Mount for Combination and Spreader Tools – bracket only

    QM-ET-TTC – Tool Mount for Cutter Tools – bracket only

    SG-VM-XL-TTS – SURE-GRIP Spreader Kit

    SG-VM-XL-TTC – SURE-GRIP Cutter Kit

    SG-VM-A-TTS – Adjustable SURE-GRIP Spreader/Combi Kit with UMVS-1625-11 Strap

    SG-VM-A-TTC – Adjustable SURE-GRIP Cutter Kit with UMVS-1625-11 Strap