Forcible Entry Door Breaching Kit



  • Description

    Pry and breach your way through doors and other fixtures that won’t budge with our new Forcible Entry Door Breaching Kit. Our  Forcible Entry Door Breaching Kit contains a 30 inch Halligan Bar, 8 pound sledge hammer, and is held together by three tight-fitting straps paired with two heavy-duty bases of our Sure-Grip brackets. This kit is the perfect tool for police departments everywhere.  When seconds count and tool strength is critical, you need the best quality, and quality products are what Ziamatic is known for.

    Included: SQB-300B, BD-8-24, UMVS-0811-11, (2) SG-VM-1 with a longer strap.

    FE-DB-MK – Forcible Entry Door Breaching Mounting Kit – no tools included. Brackets will mount and retain many styles of breaching kits.