Certificates of Compliance

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ID Number Title Pertains to Model #
1027CC1 Rol-Loc Mechanical Brackets QM-ROLO-SA
1045CC1 Quic-Hold® Mechanical Brackets MWAB-__
1054CC1 “Load & Lock”™ Walkaway® Brackets KD-ULLH, ULLH
1090CC1 QUIC-STORAGE® Restraint Straps ACSR-RS
3020CC1 QUIC-SEAT® Fold Down Brackets SE-FD
3030CC1 Quic-Release® Gas Cylinder Brackets: Oxygen Tank System QR-OTS-__
3030CC2 Quic-Release® Gas Cylinder Brackets: Slide-Out, Flip-Down Bracket QR-SOFD
3030CC3 Quic-Release® Gas Cylinder Brackets QR-___
3080CC1 Quic-Bar® Mounting Brackets MB-___
3080CC2 Quic-Bar® Mounting Bracket and Quic-Bar® & Axe Mounting Bracket MB-3PBA, MB-SQB
3092CC1 Quic-Lift™ Outside Arm Ladder System OALS
3094CC1 Quic-Step™ Retractable Vehicle Step VS-24-11
3095CC1 Quic-Mount® Sledge Hammer Bracket SHB
3097CC1 Quic-Lift™ Ladder Access Systems and Hard Sleeve System LAS-___, LAS-BHM-___
3097CC2 Quic-Lift™ Horizontal Ladder Access System HLAS-___
3098CC1 Quic-Lift™ Portable Tank System PTS-___
3098CC2 Quic-Lift™ Horizontal Portable Tank System HPTS-___
8047CC1 Ground Light / High Intensity Ground Light GLB, HIGL