Ziamatic Trade Show Schedule 2018

Ziamatic Trade Show Schedule 2018

Visit us on the exhibition floor! We’d love to meet you, answer your questions, and let you get hands-on with the latest & greatest innovations we have to offer. This year you’ll find us at:


February 21-23: EMS Today. Charlotte, North Carolina. Booth #1802.

March 6-7: Firehouse World. San Diego, California. Booth #1702.

Apr. 26-28: FDIC International. Indianapolis, Indiana. Booth #1738.

May 4-5: OAFC 2018. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Booth #1429.

May 18-20: PA Fire Expo. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Booth #419.

Oct. 17-20: EMS World Expo. Nashville, Tennessee. Booth#1108.


Hope to see you there!