YARDLEY, PA – Ziamatic Corp. has been awarded SHARP status by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), joining an elite group of only 43 Pennsylvania businesses to hold the honor and standing alone as the first company from Bucks County to do so.

The Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) recognizes small, private sector employers that operate an exemplary safety and health management system. Acceptance into SHARP by OSHA singles out a business amongst its peers as a model of worksite safety and health. As a SHARP certified facility, Ziamatic Corp. will be exempt from programmed OSHA inspections for up to 2 years.

“Having a safe work environment creates a better morale among our employees,” said President Michael P. Ziaylek. “They know that we as a company have their safety as one of our top priorities.”

“I’ve always felt that, being in the type of industry we’re in, the safety services industry,  we would be a bit remiss if one of our goals was not to assure that all employees leave our building everyday in the same good health that they arrived,” said Darren Kelly, Warehouse/Production Manager.

To reach the high standards required for SHARP certification and prove its long-term commitment to safety, Ziamatic Corp. spent 1.5 years working closely with inspectors to identify potential hazards, improve workplace conditions, and ultimately reduce injury and illness rates. During this time a safety committee was formed to oversee a newly implemented, formal safety program. Through this program small improvements were made to the way Ziamatic did business. These improvements ranged from clearing walkways, adding lighting, and scheduling regular tool inspections to the creation of personal protective equipment and ladder inspection/safety programs. These small changes produced big results, not only for the company’s bottom line, but for each individual employee.


“Our success in the SHARP program is largely due to the hard work of our safety committee, who spent countless hours working on all phases of our mission to make Ziamatic a safer and cleaner place to work,” stated Ziaylek. “But the safety committee is only the beginning. To get results, each employee contributes everyday with actions like spotting a ladder, wearing protective equipment, reporting a “near miss” or suggesting safer ways to do a job. I truly appreciate everyone’s efforts. If other small businesses are considering doing something like what we have done, I would highly recommend it.”

“I was pretty proud of all the support I got from everyone in embracing the idea that we could save money, raise morale, and set ourselves apart from other small companies simply by providing a safe atmosphere to work in everyday,” Kelly said. “It certainly gives me a feeling of satisfaction that we could all work as one team, one family, and achieve something as special and prestigious as SHARP status.”

Ziamatic Corp. has now gone 2.5 years without incident.



Ziamatic Corp. (ZICO) was founded in 1958 with the intention of providing the men and women of the fire services industry with products that make their profession safer and easier. Over 50 years later Zico  remains a leader in SCBA bracket and ladder rack technology. For more information, please call 1-800-711-FIRE or visit www.ziamatic.com