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Pike Poles

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  • Description

    Our plasticore poles get the job done!

    Malleable iron pike head with fiberglass 1-1/4″ diameter round, non-slip pole. Standard butt grip.

    Heavy-duty, plastic inner core assures that poles will not crack, splinter, warp, rot, or absorb moisture.

    Poles are flame-resistant to 800-degrees Fahrenheit, and remain strong to 60-degrees below zero.

    May be ordered with optional aluminum “D” handle grip (Model ZDH-1). Optional grips require one epoxy kit (Model HK-147) each for assembly.

    Note: All poles 10′ or longer must be shipped via motor truck.


    Lengths Available:

    4′ Pole – Model PCM-4

    6′ Pole – Model PCM-6

    8′ Pole – Model PCM-8

    10′ Pole – Model PCM-10

    12′ Pole – Model PCM-12

    14′ Pole – Model PCM-14

    16′ Pole – Model PCM-16

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