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SURE-GRIP Tool and Equipment Mounts with a 2.75″ Stand off from the Mounting Surface

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Models: SG-VM-275, SG-VM-275-Y Categories: , ,
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  • Description

    Ziamatic has recently released a newly designed and engineered addition to its SURE-GRIP product line, making mounting even easier and more effective for many of the most common and irregularly shaped tools and equipment.

    The new SURE-GRIP Tool Mounts (model SG-VM-275 and model SG-VM-275-Y (with a yellow strap) are designed with a 2.75″ stand off from the mounting surface and have a .75” to 2” grip range.


    •2 3/4″ Stand off from mounting surface to bottom of the tool cradle.
    • 3/4″ to 2″ Grip Range
    • Molded-in support arm provides assistance and stability while securing tool
    • High-tensile strength plastic base
    • 1″ wide heavy-duty, all-weather hook & loop straps that have secured your tools and equipment for over 20
    • Strap conforms to the handle, no matter the shape, providing a tighter, more “true” grip on every tool.
    • Dual rubber pads combine for a premium grip



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