• Description

    The Z-Shlammer is a pure beast. The steel head comes equipped with a hammer-style striking surface, a pry bar, and a pentagonal hydrant wrench—perfect for forcible entry, salvage & overhaul, or virtually any other task you throw its way. Marries to a halligan with no additional strap required.

    Great for fire, military, police, and even construction!

    Now available with 6 lb. or 8 lb. head!


    Models Available:

    Z-SCH-B-BK: 6# Black head/black handle

    Z-SCH-B-BR: 6# Black head/brown handle

    Z-SCH-P-BK: 6# Polished steel head/black handle

    Z-SCH-P-BR: 6# Polished steel head/brown handle

    Z-SCH-B-BK-8: 8# Black head/black handle

    Z-SCH-B-BR-8: 8# Black head/brown handle