Slide-Out Ladder Gantry System


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  • Description

    Maximize available compartment space. Make ladders more easily accessible in narrow operating areas.



    -Stores most common ladder configurations, such as one two-section and one roof ladder, horizontally over the top of the apparatus, leaving more room in the body for compartments, pull-outs, and pass-throughs

    -When needed, the lightweight aluminum tray smoothly extends from the rear of the apparatus and tilts down, gently lowering ladders to a convenient height for safe and easy retrieval

    -Makes ladders easier to retrieve when operating in confined spaces that restrict the use of a side-mounted system, such as narrow city streets and woodland environments

    -A powerful spring lock holds the tray in the fully-lowered position, minimizing bounce and making operation easier on inclines. Pull up on the yellow handle to release the lock.

    -A heavy-duty bounce guard teams with a thick steel catch to keep the ladders in place when traversing rough terrain, curbs, and railroad tracks

    -Dampener design allows for easier operation on hills and other inclines



    -Maximum load: 300 lbs.


    Sizes Available:

    Model SLG-M-8: Manual gantry for 8′ H shelf

    Model SLG-M-10: Manual Gantry for 10′ H shelf