ASB-72 Diagram

Adjustable Slide Bracket

  • Description

    Adjustable shelving components let you create and partition storage space to meet your needs. Designed for sturdy, long-term use in fire apparatus, ambulances, utlities, and rescue vehicles. Used in various configurations, they offer almost limitless options for storage of tools, equipment, parts, clothing and other vital needs. The dimensions of the space can be eaily changed, and various components can be added or removed as necessary.

    Adjustable Slide Bracket can be combined with an Adjustable Base Channel (ABC-72) for horizontal mounting of shelves, or used alone to create vertical dividers. Available in standard 6 ft lengths and can be cut to desired size. Includes hardware.

    Accepts metal, wood, or plastic shelves to 3/4″ thickness (not supplied).

    72″ L x 2″ W x 7/8″ H