QUIC-HOLD Mechanical Bracket – Standard Footplate



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  • Description

    Four clamp arms securely grip the sides of your cylinder.



    – The QUIC-HOLD secures the SCBA with four, PVC-coated clamp arms—without the need for straps or other locking devices.

    – Donning the SCBA is fast and easy. Simply slip into the harness, pull up on the cam-operated release lever, and stand up. To secure the cylinder, place the SCBA in the footplate and push down on the cam-operated release lever.

    – Clamp arms are made of strong yet lightweight aluminum alloys. Hex arms and operating lever are made of plated steel for years of constant use.

    – NFPA compliant and third-party tested to exceed the 11G standard.


    Sizes Available:

    5″ Clips – Model MWAB-03-5

    6″ Clips – Model MWAB-03-6

    7″ Clips – Model MWAB-03-6


    For optional pull releases, see Models MWAB-PR and MWAB-RC.


    Note: If using an MSA 30-minute high-pressure cylinder, an additional Neoprene Post Mount is required. See Model NPM 3.25.