Closet Hook – Ceiling & Wall Head

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  • Description

    32″ L closet hooks are ideal for use in narrow or confined spaces.

    Pierce ceilings and walls, then turn 90-degrees and pull to remove large pieces of debris.

    Ductile iron head with fiberglass 1-1/4″ diameter round, non-slip pole.

    Heavy-duty, plastic inner core assures that poles will not crack, splinter, warp, rot, or absorb moisture.

    Poles are flame-resistant to 800-degrees Fahrenheit, and remain strong to 60-degrees below zero.


    May be ordered with traditional “D” handle grip (Model ZDH-1) or steel Z-Combo Grip (Z-CG-1). Aluminum “D” handle grip maximizes the tool’s pulling and pushing power. Steel Z-Combo Grip adds the multi-functionality of a 1-3/4″ striking surface and 5-1/2″ hardened steel pry.


    Models Available:

    Hook with “D” Handle – Model CWH-32-PC

    Hook with Z-Combo Grip – Model CWH-32-PC-CG